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Buyer and Seller Beware, You Alone Are Responsible!

This website does not represent or warrant the accuracy of the information contained in this site and shall not be responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages of any nature or kind whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance on information presented on this site.


This website does not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained within it pages. All information about companies, livestock, hay, straw, feed, forages, equipment, services, care and handling or anything else listed should be considered as opinion and not fact. It should be evaluated by the VISITOR before it is accepted or rejected.


This website is a listing service and has absolutely no involvement in any representation, description, negotiation, pricing, delivery or any matter that constitutes a buy/sale agreement from an online listing found on this website.

This website website format, is a linking service for both BUYERS and SELLERS of agriculture products. Any online USER acts strictly independent of his website. Online USERS acknowledge there is no partnership, joint venture, agency, employer/employee, relationship implied, intended or created as a USER of  this website.

Each USER agrees to indemnify and hold harmless this website for any inaccuracy, error or delay in or omission of any information or the transmission or delivery of information due to extraordinary weather conditions, earthquake, fire, war, riot, labor dispute, accident, action of government communications, power failure, equipment or software malfunction, or any other cause beyond the control of  this website

Any user agrees to indemnify this website for its cost and legal fees in the event any dispute arises between BUYER and SELLER.


This website does not guarantee the quality, value, or availability of any item or service listed.

This website does not make any representation, warranty or legal advice regarding the validity of information provided in this website. The information provided is a service and is not intended to establish a legal relationship between any parties. USERS or VISITORS including SELLERS and BUYERS, of this website recognize, acknowledge and confirm that this is a service and is not intended nor is it a legal contract whereby this website is responsible to either party for any loss, damages or claim of any kind or nature.

Why Junk Free!

Why,, BeefCattle4U,com,, and my other websites are Junk Free.

NO Search Engine Sponsored Ads * NO Pop-up Or Changing Banner Ads

NO Visitor Log-on Needed * NO Visitor Tracking

Have you noticed that the town where you are searching the Internet from is often mentioned in side ads next to your search results? Have you ever clicked on a sponsored search item and discovered that the website you went to had nothing to do with your search . An example that I had was "Get the best price on manure handling at Target".  Have you seen changing banner ads banner ads on a website that had ads containing adult or sexual content among the ads related to the website content? 

       These are some of the reasons I will not have this JUNK on my websites. 

More on  this will be coming soon!    

*Pop-Up Ads & Search engine sponsored often record the location IP addresses of visitors coming to the website even if they do not click on their ads.







 These ads trace every visitor to the page they are on - They know Where you live



 Many ads are not relevant to the information on the page they are on



 Many contain adult or questionable content








 Often come up in the center of the page you are visiting forcing your to close it down



 Some require more than one click to close down



 Information about you me be collected even if you close it down





 Many time they are not needed or are already on your computer



 They collect information about your computer





 Every links is verified to be non-pornographic





 Visitor information is not collected or shared

I make every effort to keep your visit to this website safe and  private. But I do not guarantee your privacy or safety from viruses or tracking. This is a visitor beware website.



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